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Welcome to higer technology

Research house for a Europe based Hedge Fund is a Company engaged in Financial Instrument research...

Who we are!

Higher Technology Trading Systems (HTTS) , a research house for a Europe based Hedge Fund is a Company engaged in Financial Instrument research and the development of advance - featured Trading Systems. In HTTS, we focus on financial markets for the creation of world class trading systems.

Trading Systems are complex algorithms based on fusion of high end statistics with Technical Analysis. We aim at consistently beating the Markets in terms of returns with a minimum risk. In our endeavour to achieve superior results, we are using cutting edge technologies based on Artificial Intelligence like Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Clustering and Genetic Algorithm. We are also using Pattern Recognition and Data Mining to improve our Systems. We are totally concentrating on the global markets for trading in securities, derivatives and commodities.

The HTTS team consists exclusively of people skilled in both software programming as well as investment analysis. An extremely active and involved Board of Directors and Corporate Advisory Council - consisting of experienced professionals of the World continually provide additional support and guidance.


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